Programming Note

Building my own publishing system has been a fun distraction. This is for better and worse. it keeps my programming skills sharp, but it gets in the way of actually publishing anything. To quote from one of my first notes, “the human condition, the condition of the tool-using animal, is to be perpetually vulnerable to mistaking instruments for ends”. I’m as guilty of that as ever.

Anyway, I am about to deploy a new branch that rejiggers my RSS feed. It makes my highlights a second-class data type and elevating the posts I’m actually writing myself. I’m still trying to find the balance for what I want to capture vs. what’s truly publishable.

As a result, anyone (anyone?) subscribed to my site’s feed may get a big chunk of old posts that will appear unread. It should be a one-time thing, until the next time I decide to flip the table and rebuild my publishing system yet again.